The Guide From Semalt: How Can Your Business Go Digital

For most companies, technological advancements of the new digital era present an unlimited potential. Many firms are going online due to the trending potential of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As a result, it is essential for a business to embrace the internet as a new marketing channel, which can make the businesses thrive well.

To make your digital business succeed online, consider these aspects, accurately described by Oliver King, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt.

1. Smart machines

Machine labor is replacing human efforts fast. In other cases, there is a rising use of smart devices. In the Internet of Things (IoT), analysts are predicting that by 2020, more than 20.8 billion "smart machines" will be using an internet connection. According to the latest technology, typical smart devices possess capabilities such as:

  • Automation like self-driving cars
  • Sensing (such as IoT sensors like NFC)
  • 3d printing for creating numerous 3d renderings physically
  • Sharing APIs that enable new online ecosystems
  • User interaction such as speech recognition, fingerprints and refining searches personally

2. Cognitive Computing

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over the functioning of a smart machine. Through the interconnection of different technologies, cognitive computers can reason, interact, learn and understand the human world. At the moment, intelligent machines with artificial intelligence complement the work of people. They help in aspects such as predictions as well as insights into valuable changes. In the business world, computers can analyze the trends and give a solution with a high probability of success.

3. Disruptive Change

Technology is highly dynamic especially when it comes to IT. This advancement means that you have to be ready to embrace the new ways for the better of your business. The new techniques may include major disruptions such as hiring more workers and finding the use of some workers not valid. Disruption could involve taking your staff for some online training techniques such as skill building. This kind of disruption is not be taken up softly by most workers. As some resists, it is your duty to convince them on the importance of the approach and the long-term benefit in the company.

4. Digital Technologies

This includes the above factors as well as the era of data and analytics. New businesses are starting due to the numerous possibilities internet and computers bring forth. For instance, in the world of equipment, websites are personalizing their experience through refining content for its readers. Search engines like Google have the capability of predicting a search item you are searching. For other cases, targeted advertising has taken over the internet bringing a better picture of the market analysis.


Companies can go online to fetch a steady supply of new clients. Through SEO, users create a strong brand presence as well as booking a healthy place in the SERPs for a given set of keywords. This situation is the heart of online marketing. Every business is trying to achieve this effect. The above factors can push your business towards incorporation of a digital platform on some of the crucial aspects a firm possesses.

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